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Aviator Volleyball Club

Taking club volleyball to new heights!

We have a full range of programs for every skill level, for those just "exploring" the game of volleyball to the experienced club player.  The coaches of Aviator Volleyball will position your player for success with a thorough assessment of their skill and by recommend the team or program that will help them to achieve their full potential.

2022 - 2023 Season

  • Team practice 11/28/22
  • 17s practice 11/14/22
  • 14s practice 11/14/22

New AI video capture technology

We are currently using the Pixellot video capture technology for our tournament games.  We record in 4k using 2 internal cameras which allows us to capture both sides of the court.  The advanced AI technology tracks every play, player movement, and ball action.  All videos are then posted after the games for team members, coaches, staff, and parents to review.

Player statistics are also captured, recorded, analyzed, and posted for review.

Pixellot Clip from January 17, 2022 17's game

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Aviator Volleyball Club

Phone: 310-621-5086


We are a non-profit organization.  Please email/contact us if you are interested in sponsoring/ donating to our club or an athlete.